Biointerfacial and Diagnostics Lab
We study how biomolecules organize and function at interfaces and how this behavior impacts applications, especially in biodiagnostics. Below are some examples from our work.
Nucleic Acid Diagnostics
Assemblies of nucleic acids on solid supports are integral to technologies that include biosensors, microarrays, and sequencing platforms. The functioning of these systems is strongly affected by the environment on the surface of the biochip or device. The plot at left illustrates one such example. The graph is a summary of microrray data revealing that base-pairing associations between immobilized strands, which increase from right to left side of plot due to partial  complementarity between immobilized strands (inset), correlate with deviations between surface (●) and solution (o) hybridization affinities. Adapted from Chiang et al, 2016, Langmuir.
Support: National Science Foundation

Optically Resonant Sensors
Sensors based on resonant microcavities are among the most sensitive detection devices known. These devices trap and concentrate light to very high intensities, allowing detection of   single particles like viruses or even proteins. We are collaborating with NYU Applied Physics Prof. Steve Arnold to adapt these sensors to multiplexed detection of viruses and immunology applications. The photograph at right shows a silica microcavity, around 80 microns in diameter. A waveguide feeds light from a laser to the sensor, allowing excitation of "whispering gallery mode" resonant modes. Detection occurs when analytes interact with the modal fields. The picture shows trapping of a nanosphere analyte by light gradient forces, causing scattering (appearing as the white streak) as the nanosphere orbits within a mode. 
Another area of interest is in integration of biosensor systems. Our group develops concepts based on both optical and electrochemical approaches, typically in collaboration with others. The images at right illustrate, clockwise from upper left, a total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) sample cell and array, gene expression readout for the pathogen Legionella pneumophila (collaboration with Dr. S. Kalachikov, Columbia Univ.), and an integrated microfluidic chip for concentrating sample nucleic acids through electrokinetic mechanisms (left) to accelerate  their simultaneous hybridization to an underlyling array (right) (collaboration with Prof. Yong-ak Song, NYU Abu Dhabi). Adapted from Qiao et al, 2013, Bioanalytical Chemistry; Martins et al, 2015, Biosensors Bioelectronics; Martins et al, 2016 Analytical Chemistry.
Support: National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health

Sensing Applications of Morpholinos
The high backbone charge of nucleic acids can hinder use of DNA capture probes especially if detection or manipulation of hybridization is mediated through charge effects. These limitations can be suppressed by using synthetic DNA analogues that are charge neutral. Morpholino oligonucleotides (structure shown at left), which provide such an alternative, are being explored for their hybridization behavior as well as evaluated for new diagnostic concepts. The figures at left illustrate two morpholino-assisted capabilities: (i) electric field based hybridization tuning to distinguish matched () and mismatched (●) analyte (upper left) and (ii) capacitance-based sensing of nucleic acids hybridizing to morpholino-modified chips (lower right). Adapted from Ruffin et al, 2017, ACS Sensors; Tercero et al, 2010, Langmuir. 
Support: National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation

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