Systems and Control Group Seminars

June 23, 2015  (10am -- 9.101, 2 MetroTech) Smartphone Vulnerabilities, by Alastair Beresford, University of Cambridge

June 4, 2015  (11am) Pervasive Personal Robots, by Ankur Mehta, MIT

May 5, 2015  (11am) Improving Long-Term Financial Decision Making Using Behavioral Economics Theory-driven User Interfaces, by Oded Nov, New York University

April 22, 2015  (2pm) Control of Islanded Microgrids Encountering Heavy Non-linear Loads, by Ahmed Mohamed, City College of the City University of New York

April 17, 2015  (11am) Learning From Distributed Private Data: Algorithms and Applications, by Anand D. Sarwate, Rutgers University

March 26, 2015  (11am) Energy Storage in Smart Grid: Modeling, Optimization, and Integration, by Hamed Mohsenian-Rad, Univ. of California, Riverside

March 25, 2015  (11am) Robots Perceive, Learn, and Adapt, by Yu Sun, Univ. of South Florida

March 13, 2015  (11am) Scenario-Based Model Predictive Control, by Georg Schildbach, Univ. of California Berkeley

March 12, 2015 (11am) Aerial autonomy at insect scale: What flying insects can tell us about robotics and vice versa, by Sawyer Buckminster Fuller, Harvard University

March 6 (noon -- RH202), Engineering Touch, by Yon Viesell, Drexel University

March 5, 2015  (11am) Systems, Algorithms, and Applications for Robotic Sensing, by Pratap Tokekar, Univ. of Pennsylvania

March 5, 2015 (noon -- RH202)  Dynamics & Control Approaches to Probe-based Rapid Broadband Nanomechanical Spectroscopy and High-Speed Imaging of Soft and Biological Materials, by Juan Ren, Rutgers University

Feb. 26, 2015  Mind the Map! The Impact of Subway Map on Passengers' Route Choice Decisions in London and Washington DC,  by Zhan Guo, New York University    

Feb. 13, 2015   Information Security in Controlled Dynamical Systems: Trading Utility for Privacy, by Parv Venkitasubramaniam, Lehigh University    

Feb. 5, 2015   Capacity management in stochastic loss network models, by Yingdong Lu, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center   

Jan. 30, 2015    A Framework for Structural Input/Output and Control Configuration Selection of Large - Scale Systems, by  Dr. Sérgio Pequito,   University of Pennsylvania      

Sept. 25, 2014  Advanced Game-Theoretical Models and Applications in Networks, by Dr. Yezekael Hayel