Wireless Power Transfer

Various models of rectifiers, inverters, converters and other power electronics designs are developed (some still in progress) to test and instigate effective wireless power transfer.

Toroidal Transformer

The development of toroidal core transformers for medium-voltage applications is a project supported by the US Department of Energy under Grant DEOE0000072. The idea is to benefit from the virtues of the toroidal construction to manufacture, test and install toroidal transformers suitable for power distribution applications.


The advantages of using nonsynchronous microgrids in networked systems containing densely concentrated loads, the investigation of behavior of the grid and the microgrid by comparing: the occurrence of faults, voltage reduction, and losses, in the presence and absence of the microgrid, and the benefits of the dc microgrid were tested and made evident with steady state and transient studies performed on a real distribution network in New York City.

Conservation Voltage Reduction

Three networks in New York City were taken as examples to test a field-validated load model, and an economic model based on prenominate, which were designed to study energy conservation and voltage profile of secondary networks under conservation voltage reduction and distributed generation penetration.

The SEARCH group led by Prof. Yury Dvorkin has several Ph.D. vacancies, with the start date in January 2020 or in September 2020. Read more here.

Unique in NYC, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of NYU offers a complete program in electrical power systems. Research areas include: Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Electric Machines, Electric Drives, Power Electronics, Electromagnetic Propulsion and Design, Distributed Generation and Smart Grid.

In the past 5 years, we have attracted around $5M in external funding (from DOE, Con Edison, Boeing, and Lios Technology), graduated over 20 PhD and 30 MSc students, published over 60 journal papers, received over 2000 citations and produced more than 10 patents.