Newest SOAR fellows use educational games at Brooklyn high schools

Tandon’s newest SOAR fellows are bringing gamified virtual instruction to Brooklyn high schools! Read more about it here.

Newest SOAR fellows spread the joy of science and research

The newest SOAR fellows are inspiring the next generation of Brooklyn high school students in STEM. Read more about it here

Lewis Dots App

The SOAR team has completely revamped the Lewis Dots application.  Additional features have been added and graphic designs have been improved.  Students using the application can work on creating molecules using single, double, triple covalent bonds or even ionic bonds.  Students can now find out what molecule they have created and more information about this molecule using the new Molecule Dictionary.  The new and improved Lewis Dots application will be available on the App Store very soon.

SOAR Competes at NYU Hackathon

The SOAR team competed in the NYU Hackathon this weekend.  The competition consisted of over one thousand competitors.  Participants coded for 48 hours straight.  The team worked on improving the overall content and design of their modules.

Brownie Scouts Suggest Water Site

Thanks to a troop of Brownie Girl Scouts for suggesting an additional site about the water cycle which they found helpful while completing their water badge.

The site is linked below and has been added to the resource list on our Labs page.  

Thanks girls!

SOAR at the Science x Kickstarter Hackathon

This weekend, February 28th - March 1st, SOAR's LabLessons Team took part in the Science x Kickstarter Hackathon.