Meeting Notes

November 1, 2015

Must type the UAI paper into the formatted template for submission.  Must pick up all post-quizzes and surveys this week from Brooklyn Tech.  Must send an update about analysis on the first experiment run of the semester.  Patrick will be meeting with the computational biologist again, once Jin can have him set up an appropriate time.  Must follow up with chemistry student volunteers about finding high schools with similar curriculum to that of Brooklyn Tech that would be interested in using LabLessons.  Must follow up with UAI about possible modules next semester designed by the volunteers.  Must finish filling out IRB continuation forms.

October 25, 2015

Fix paper according to template
We need to work on pre and post quizzes CC Jin on emails 
Send teachers emails asking if they have evaluations so that we can assess/tweak as needed (CC Mac on this) 
Evaluate results based on pre/post quizzes and any evaluations
Ask for teacher evaluations
IRB information 

October 18, 2015

Need to fix the edited version of the UAI Paper.  Must change the figure document files so that there are no error bars.  Must submit the Spring Prototyping Fund forms as soon as the dates are released.  Need to send an e-mail with Names & ID's to Jin (all in one e-mail).   Have a list of other high schools that are with chemistry/science contacts listed.

October 10, 2015

Need to reformat UAI Paper for submission using the Journal of Science and Technology Education.  Need to send template to Jin and the submission link to Jin.  Have it ready for submission by Friday.
Need to send out an e-mail to the Brooklyn Tech teachers about meeting this week.  Make sure to include that the meeting will be about how to use the system and run it for the students, picking up consent forms, and getting the needed things for the modules for November and December.

October 4, 2015

Need to set up a meeting with the teachers for tomorrow, Monday (10/5) at 3:15.  Must get consent forms back.  The experiment will be running this week and next week.  Need to get account information for the students.
Must start populating the SOAR website.  This includes: pictures of everyone, the fellows' names, the teachers' names (last year and this year), the schools we are working with, a publication list, a link to NSF/MRSEC site.  Jin must send Patrick the information for the In-School Apps.
Prototyping Funding Meeting on October 16.  Must see if Patrick qualifies for capstone course for computer science.  This would be through Allie Harron and Lucas Nelson.

September 27, 2015

The teachers have not given an exact amount of classes that will be participating; however, they are both giving at least one class per teacher to partake as an experimental group.  Next meeting with the teachers will be on Monday.  Pre-quizzes and post-quizzes will be evaluated tomorrow by the teachers.  NYU Prototyping application is due Friday (October 2), get draft to Jin by Wednesday.  Innovention competition is later in the year, look for exact dates if possible at this time.  For next meeting, be prepared with updating the websites (In-School Apps and SOAR).
Jin: See if anyone can qualify for the Capstone Project Competition.

September 20, 2015

Get consent forms signed ASAP 
Ask new BTHS teachers for schedule of classes to see if test run is possible
Work on pre and post quizzes, set deadlines for these as well
Send pre and post quizzes to teachers for approval before meeting on 28th 
Provide summary of meeting on the 28th
Look into greenhouse prototyping competition and innovention deadlines 
Get application requirements by next meeting 

September 13, 2015

Must follow up with Hassan about his edits.  If he does not respond, he will just be an acknowledgment.  Must re-do the Chan sentence about technology.  Make sure that the supporting information section is appropriately formatted.  Must follow up with Mac about a meeting with the new teachers.  Must make a document that has all of the things done and being worked on for the Brooklyn Tech pre-labs.  For the upcoming meeting, begin thinking about the website, funding, and competitions for the upcoming year.

September 3, 2015

Use Lorenzini Paper in discussion.  Fix figure 6 font, get rid of heading, and remove "ranking".  Put more references in discussion section, especially for the struggles students face.  Expand more in teacher section and ask Hassan to read over and add his opinions.  Put UAI address for Hassan.  Give link to submission site for Jin.  See about proper figure submission.  Make blank consent form.  Set up meeting with Mac and new teachers.  Get draft to Jin by Sunday.  Put figures in separate link for Sunday.  Resend fingerprinting paper.  Meetings going forward will be on Sundays at 9:30 AM.

August 27, 2015

BTHS Paper: Must add Mac's address.  Must add Mac's edits to draft.  Must add teacher evaluation to BTHS Supporting Information.  Must label figure in drafts as "a & b" on the picture.  Must change the font on the graphs to match requirements.  List contents as additional content.  Reference papers, especially Chako's #9 & 10 references for technology.  Must reformat references for papers.  Should have Mac edit and send back by Noon on Sunday.  After Mac, send to Jin for submission on Sunday.  Change graph error bars.  Put figures in Powerpoint as required.
UAI Paper: References will depend on Journal.  Expand on the teacher part with responses and questions asked.  Compare journal entries and paper.  Send old papers to Jin.  Explain to Hassan about the editing.  Get document from Hassan.  Add Hassan's name and address.  Change graph error bars.
Next edit due Wednesday.  Meeting via Google Hangout on Thursday.

August 17, 2015

Brooklyn Tech Paper:  Must add Mac's address.  Supporting information must be listed with the same order.  Must be a single figure for snapshots of LabLessons pages labeled a & b.  Add figure legends on bottom of graphs.  Make sure fonts on graphs are visible.  Format for references and make sure references are correct.
UAI Paper: Reference website to a link itself.  Format paper for journal with best impact factor.  Supporting information and figure number must match.  Re-do graphs to have error bars that work.  Expand the writing about teacher's perspective and the impact for him.  In the discussion, expand on issues found and changed.  Also, write about improvements that could be made in the future and reference other papers that write about these improvements.
August 27 will be the next meeting.  Must send schedules of classes for the semester to Jin.

August 10, 2015
Brooklyn Tech Paper
Must add addresses and departments to paper.  Must ensure that figure and figure legend are in the same format.  Must add contents of supporting information and properly title it (Title, "Supporting Information") as a single doc file.  Make sure references are superscripts.  Make sure LabLessons website information is accurate for paper.  Move surveys and quizzes to supplemental (if the other papers do not have them in the actual paper).  Need to explain what aim of lab is for solubility and blueprinting.  Need to add snapshot of solubility mixing.  Do not put additional numbers back in with graphs.  Change axis to include units.  Ensure font size is large enough to read when shrunken down.  Look into 2 column width to ensure that size is alright.  Remove headings from graphs.  Tie discussion into introduction (reference own work: Chako, Lewis, etc.).  Accept changes and add it to next part.  Jin will add funding to the paper.  Must add acknowledgments (Carlo, Nicholas).
UAI Paper
Compare journals to submit to based on impact factor.  Add objectives.  Must be more specific (e.g. Hassan, class, course number).  When adding course number, use it as a reference as a link.  Reference other papers UAI was mentioned in.  Add time, length of class, prep time.  Check out other papers for quizzes and surveys in paper or as supplemental information.  Expand on teacher surveys.  Add own opinions to it as observers.  Add global positive features in discussion section.  This includes the impact on everyone involved (mentors, teachers, and students).  Relate program outcomes to beginning of paper with goals and it being carried out.
Send Mac draft this week with no comments on it, just everything added to it.
Send IRB fingerprinting information to Jin.

August 3, 2015

Must track changes on all drafts
Change file names with initials and draft number each time
Start working on drafts earlier in the week/send to Jin in timely manner
Have supporting information draft for next week (blank evaluations, actual documents, access to site, etc.)
For BK Tech
Regents exam plot
Tie results into intro 
Must have JChemEd template
Format figures on separate document as well 
See Jin's comments coming later tonight
Make all changes
Draft supporting info 
JChemEd template here too 

July 31, 2015

Must add colored dots with a legend to represent molecules flowing in the bunsen burner.  Add record of what is performed with the visualization.  Add what conditions add give certain outcomes (C(s), CO2, CO) with excess levels of O2 on outside.  Add additional hints for correct or incorrect answers to questions.  For the Flame Test Lab add Balmer's Series with diagram; students must figure out which color (RGBV) matches.  Mendeleev add trends that can be put in order.  New teachers this year should be Seeraj Nair and Jun Lee.

July 27, 2015

UAI Draft
Look for papers that say technology assists in learning- start with our group's previous papers
Find pictorial vs. mathematical portion 
Expand on student/teacher assessment 
BK Tech Draft
Need paper on importance of simulations
Regents exam plots
Tie results to introduction
Can mention that it saves teacher time and plans to expand lab lessons 
Use JChemEd template for next week's draft
Have next version of both drafts to Jin by next Sunday 
Follow up with Hassan to give him opportunity to write
Follow up with Mac schedule a meeting with deliverables for him 
Need blank surveys/access to site for when paper is reviewed 

July 20, 2015

Get better draft with using track changes. Need this by Wednesday. 
Go to JChemEd Website to see if there's a downloadable template to get 
Embed in template for draft after Wednesday
Present data as raw scores rather than percentages- look more into this 
Finding literature that focused on distinction between pictorial and mathematical calculations 
Data analysis with figures embedded for second paper 
Have draft of second paper by next Monday (email to Jin on Monday) 
Have summary statements of previous two meetings at the next one

July 14, 2015

Updates to make for paper: Check to see quantitative information for introduction.  Rename test class as "experimental".  Use black and white for graphs, not color.  Describe modules in depth.  Use screenshots of the website and modules.  Explain what the simulations actually are.  Kind of system used will depend upon what reviewers want.  Find out where "set up" is located from previous papers.  Use "percent +/- standard deviation %".  Explain that pre-quiz is given only to experimental.  Put a summary statement after each paragraph.  Include assessment of pre-labs (students as 3a and teacher as 3b).  Include grades and regent scores.  Put pictures and figures wherever mentioned in the paper.  Add deterrents into introduction.

Find out information from Mac: how long he has been working with the group, demographics of students, how long he has been at Brooklyn Tech, etc.

UAI data comparisons must be done and ready to be discussed by the next meeting.

IRB confirmation continuation forms must be filled out.

July 7, 2015

Must draft results and parts of introduction, according to outline by Monday beginning of day- confirm Jin has received by then
Look into downloading endnote for citations
Make separate word doc with list of references
Analyze UAI data, find something  we can salvage from it, present data in a way that makes sense
Email Nicholas by the end of the day tomorrow regardless if we have or haven't received his intro- email accordingly, set second deadline if he makes the first one
Reminder to keep up with demographics of the students in the fall 

June 22, 2015

Labs To Prepare: Calorimetry, Bunsen Burner, Density, Formation of Hydrogen, Flame Test (Revise)
Nicholas: Will be working on a chatroom for the students.  Will be revising the Flame Test simulation and the Mendeleev part of the lab.
Teacher Access: Mac would like to know who did the pre-lab, how he/she did, and what questions did they get wrong on the first try to help identify misconceptions more quickly.
Regent Scores should be available on Friday.
Mac would like new ideas for chemistry lab experiments at a high school level.
Must fix the graphs (fix to only standard deviation, fix values of standard deviation, place in order, eliminate rates of reactions for time being).  Add chart with values.  Explain each graph.  Send data and graphs to Jin and Mac by 6/23.  Continue researching papers.  Find t-test values chart to compare to.  Go over modules with Mac that he wants for next year.  Explain findings this year for Mac.  Get paper ready for Ben about UAI by Friday.  Graph UAI results for next meeting.

June 5, 2015

Must fix up module for Tuesday.  Must fix questions & surveys for the class.  Must survey ourselves about class engagement.  Must ask Hassan about any problem groups in the upcoming class.  Must put error bars on the graphs.  Must continue reading articles and outlining them.  Must add Chappel to the Google docs involving the articles.
Also, must send out a link to the articles published by previous students.

May 23, 2015

Must follow up with Mac about surveys from Blueprinting Experiment.  Must start plotting all obtained data before Friday's meeting.  Continue reading more educational journals/papers and write down summaries for each one.  Must e-mail Hassan about setting up the module for his class.  Must schedule a visit to UAI before the next module is run to make sure that the class knows who Chappel is.

May 15, 2015

Modules will be up and running for Brooklyn Tech this weekend.  Must e-mail Mac on Monday about getting all of the surveys back.  Start assessing the data from surveys already obtained.  Chappel, Patrick, and Ed must start working on the modules for UAI.  There will be a Google Hangout on Saturday, May 23 at 10 AM.  Must find another contact for STEME expo to see if it is still running.

May 8, 2015

Patrick: Must get Hassan a draft of the idea and module before the Friday after finals are over.  Star figuring out next set of modules.  Get ready for a meeting with Mac about next year.
Ed: Must get Hassan a draft of the idea and module before the Friday after finals are over.  Search for science fairs at NYU.  Draft and e-mail to coordinators for Jin to send.  Contact Randy Sofia about website access for CBTL.  Start figuring out next set of modules.  Get ready for a meeting with Mac about next year.
Chappel: Meet up with Patrick and Ed about UAI module.
Nicholas: Get surveys back.

May 1, 2015

Patrick: Make sure that system working fine.  Check with Carlo about availability of how long domain name is for.  Must figure out GoDaddy accounts for Lab Lessons and In School Apps.  Assess data.  Get permission for CBTL to thank Girl Scouts.  Find out about Innoventor Competition.  Work on UAI project.  E-mail Jin with course number and student ID number for course grade.
Ed: Modify post-survery questions and explain to Mac about difference in questions.  Must figure out GoDaddy accounts for Lab Lessons and In School Apps.  Asses Data.  Find out about Innoventor Competition. Work on UAI project and reach out to Hassan.
Nicholas: Get surveys back next available day.

April 21, 2015

Patrick: E-mail about the HDMI cable.  Look up research papers.  In charge of set up on Friday morning before expo.  Get out module to Mac.
Ed: Follow up with Mac about picking up the surveys.  Get out pre-lab surveys to Mac.  Look upresearch papers.  Make slide and get out by tomorrow.  Pick up iPads and supplies from Carlo.

April 15, 2015

Must get the rest of the surveys from Mac and his class.  Must follow up with Hassan about what day we will be working with his class.  Must finalize the decision on who to hire out of the applicant pool.  Must continue to search through research articles.  Must get all iPads and materials from Carlo before next Friday.  Must put together video for the research expo.

April 3, 2015

Must locate the iPads for the Science Expo to show off LabLessons and the Lewis Dots.  Patrick and I must begin to go over applications and interview the applicants.  Must send a clarification e-mail to Hassan about the upcoming module.  Must make charts and data for solubility.  Nick has to get the surveys from Mac and the students.  Patrick and I must search research articles for different topics (Pre-Labs, digital use and simulations, combination of the two).

March 27, 2015

Mac would like to meet up sometime this upcoming week, preferably Thursday or Friday when asking him what days work best.  Must follow up with Hassan about the module.  Applications are starting to come in for new students.  Patrick is working on getting the official Lab Lessons domain from Carlo.  All surveys and quizzes must be graded and recorded.

March 18, 2015

The application for SOAR has been extended until March 30. Must get the surveys from Mac (which he says he will have on Wednesday). Must e-mail Hassan an update about the progress. Ed and Patrick must meet up to discuss the next step for the UAI module. Must apply for the schools 4.0 contest.

February 20, 2015

Must make sure Mac is alright with Survey Questions.  Must get signed forms from Mac.  Must get in stone what to do with UAI and Hassan.  Professor Montclare will be interviewed for the Kickstarter on Tuesday at 1 o'clock.  Must decide how to properly present it as a product for all schools.

January 30, 2015

Ed: Must get Patrick the list of combinations for soluble and insoluble mixtures.  Fix up surveys for students.  Make a survey for Mac.  Must go over questions with Nicholas for future labs/surveys.
Patrick: Get a prototype for the solubility simulation for next week.  Hear back about KickStart results.
Nicholas: Must talk to Mac about answers for labs.  Must ask about the rates of reactions lab (should it be one liquid at different conditions or multiple liquids at one condition?).  Should get new versions of experiments from Mac.
Control vs. Experiment: Will need to request grades from Mac for Pre-Labs, Labs, and Exams from both groups (using modules and paper copies).  Quiz before Pre-Lab to determine knowledge prior to using module compared to a quiz after using module.  Work on each individual module as a focus.  Also, focus on how the use of the modules improves from lab to lab as a whole.
UAI: Waiting for response from Hassan.

January 13, 2015

Patrick: Edit visualization for simulation.  Help come up with an idea for Hassan to have before Wednesday.  Must make sure there are no problems ahead of the time run for the simulation.
Ed: Help come up with an idea for Hassan to have before Wednesday.  Get list to Patrick by Monday for first simulation.  Must make sure there are no problems ahead of the time run for the simulation.  Send application for new hire.  Update Nomination with new requests.  Send Hassan e-mail about pictures and when will have ideas by.  Fix survey questions for students and Mac.

December 29, 2014

A figure for the website and the full typed statement is needed for MRSEC.  This should be a picture from the website and something from Brooklyn Tech's website.  Ben will speak with the principal from UAI.  Mac should be contacted about future running of the experiments.  Monday will be the next meeting.

December 19, 2014

There appeared to be delivery issues and log in/out issues with the system.  We must find out how long the issues with the lab were.  The stress must be replicated to find out the issues behind these problems.  A raspberry pie might be able to help these issues.  Next semester, will need a control group and find out the opinions of the teachers.  Next meeting will be December 29.  Must follow up with Mac to find out when exactly the next lab is.  Must find out what is the next step with UAI.

December 8, 2014

This is the follow up e-mail for the meeting on December 8.  The IRB forms for NYU must be revised and sent back.  Testing for the next lab will be on Thursday with Mac.  December 18 will be the run through with the class.  Must see if there is a way to lease or partner to use Android tablets.  Must find out from Mac when he wants the tablets by.  Patrick and I must meet up to discuss the plans for Sara and e-mail her.  I must find the NYC DOE office and find out about the next dates.

November 24, 2014

We must get the PDF's from the students' labs to ensure that everything worked properly.  The next lab will be the ionic assembly experiment in 3 weeks.  The lab should be ready by the next meeting.  We need to start getting the rest of the signatures of Mac.  Nick has to get us the signed consent forms that he has, so that they can be kept with the rest of them.  We will be sending Mac an e-mail about security issues and possible IDs.  We must file as expedited.  We must e-mail either Catherine or Wesley about photo release forms.  We must e-mail Trisha about getting consent forms signed for next semester.  We must start working on applications for next semester.  We must pick an idea and a topic and send it to Sara from UAI.

November 14, 2014

First, the run through test with Mac's class on Wednesday was discussed.  There were some issues that the system was logging out of itself automatically.  This may have been due to the server or the
browser or the computers; it is being looked into.  The system should also run faster with less lag time, which may require an outside source helping to speed it up.  The next part of the lab, the Flame Test part, will be on Wednesday at approximately 2:00 with Mac and his class.  Trisha, a teacher at Brooklyn Tech interested in the system, will also be there on Wednesday to discuss it.  The ionic lab assembly will be run through with him after the lab on Wednesday.  Must send a
confirmation e-mail to Mac before Wednesday.  Also, we may have to reach out to Sara soon to try and see what she wants and to show we are trying to work with them.

November 3, 2014

There was a meeting with Ben Esner on Monday.  Patrick and I got the templates that he wanted to give us.  UAI will not start until what appears to be the Spring.  Patrick met with Mac, and he said that the flame test will be two weeks from when they met.  We must meet with Mac to work out a self-assembly lab.  The consent forms must be picked up by Mac.  I will be working on getting photo release forms to get signed by the students.  There is also the Hack Life Sciences.  Also,
Mac mentioned that another teacher wants to participate this year with testing the systems.

October 26, 2014

The calculator should be changed to a different location, rather than every question.  The answers should be changed to multiple choice to avoid confusion or mix up causing a wrong answer.  The range for the spectral sliders can have an option of either color, range, or on the dot (would require exact numbers over the slide).  Answers should not be case-sensitive, and must watch out for periods, spaces, etc.  Must ask Mac if it is OK to move video to the top or not.

October 24, 2014

There will be a test run with Mac on Monday sometime between 11:15 and 11:45.  Nick will be letting us know the exact time.  All signed consent forms will be collected on Monday.  There will be a Google Hangout on Sunday at 6 PM to see how the lab works.  The UCAIHS test must be completed by all members of NYU.  A follow up with Ben Esner about the templates must be completed this weekend.    The UCAIHS link is http://www.nyu.edu/ucaihs/tutorial/ unless the person is already certified by CITI.

October 17, 2014

Dr. Macrae is getting the consent forms and background information survey signed and handed back.  He should be getting back with the exact dates for the Flame Test lab and the lab after that, which should be the Mendeleev lab.  A dry-run must be set up before the students can partake in it, and Nick has to help him understand how to work the system.  UAI has been postponed until next semester.  Ben Esner from UAI has to be contacted in order to follow the format, surveys, and disclosure forms that he has.  Sara has to be followed up about the questions, which will most likely be during Thanksgiving Break.  Mara has to be followed up just to ensure that all possibilities are covered.  Also, Nick will be taking pictures in the labs with friends acting as students.  Also, all phone numbers must be sent via e-mail to ensure that all contact information is known for Professor Montclare.

October 3, 2014

Nick will be reaching out to Mac to find out about getting back for consent.  Carlo is looking into the convention in Texas.  Patrick and Ed will continue working on the Thesis Plans, which will revolve around student interaction and improvement.  Also, the plans for the Urban Assembly Institute were discussed, including her teaching plans.

September 12, 2014

This budget may be used to hire a new employee or diversified for materials and such use.  We discussed a timeline for work with Brooklyn Tech High School.  The first lab that we should be up and going with them will be the Flame Tests experiment.  We then discussed individual and group progress.  We also discussed the use of the microsite, which Carlo will be handling for the time being.  We then discussed the survey questions and the proper approach needed to make these useful.