Additional Resources for Educators:

1. Transcription and Translation

YouTube Videos:

1. Molecular Motion in Water: shows H-bond rearrangement

2. Freezing Dynamics of Water: shows the change in motion of water molecules as water freezes

3. Freezing Dynamics of Water: a bigger picture of the crystallization of water by freezing

4. Hydration Cage

Periodic Table Sites:

1. The Visual Elements Periodic Table

2. Dynamic Periodic Table

3. Printable Periodic Table

4. NYS Regents Periodic Table

5. Elements Song

6. Elements Song Lyrics

7. The Most Beautiful Periodic Table Poster in the World

8. Mnemonics

Water Sites:

1. Water Science for Schools (USGS): All about Water!

2. The World's Water

3. Water, our need for it and why

4. How Rain and Snow are Formed: The Water Cycle (Suggested to us by a Brownie Scout Troop completing their Water Cycle badge)

Molecular Modeling & Nanotechnology Sites:

1. NIH Center for Molecular Modeling

2. Knowledge by Design: Visualization of Molecular Structures

3. | Science o Applications o Industry

4. Putting the Nano into Nanotechnology

Energy & Green Chemistry Sites:

1. Energy Information Administration

2. United States Environmental Protection Agency: Green Chemisty

3. American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute

4. Greener Education Materials for Chemists

5. Green Chemistry Network

6. Green Chemistry at the University of Oregon

Plastics & Recycling Sites:

1. Green Plastics: The Home Page for Environmentally Friendly Technology in the New Millenium

2. Bioplastics, Resources, Emmision | Waste and Recycling

3. Earth 911

4. US EPA Student Center - Waste and Recycling

5. Plastics Division: Learning Center

6. Plastics Division: Resin Identification Codes

Textbook Sites:

1. OpenStax - Chemistry:  A creative commons liscensed free chemistry textbook